Kamar Cariuty



Kamar Cariuty is an Owner’s Representative for many of the firm’s projects under construction. During the project definition phase, his responsibilities include selecting the design and consultant team by evaluating the constraints, reviewing contracts and legal documents and participating in bidding process that leads to the awarding of the General Contractor. He also establishes and manages procedures for the construction phase, which includes meetings, scheduling, payment requisitions process, change orders review, quality control and communication among all the stakeholders. Mr. Cariuty also works closely with architects and engineers to identify solutions to issues that arise during development and construction phase, while obtaining the best results at the lowest cost for each project in timely manner. For the closeout phase, Mr. Cariuty coordinates the TCO scheduling and planning, inspections, signoffs and commissioning. Mr. Cariuty, who joined Lemor Development as a consultant in 2019, has extensive experience as a Civil Engineer in New York City and Colombia, South America. He provides the oversight and expertise needed for the myriad of projects at Lemor Development. Mr. Cariuty has also served as a project manager and construction manager for projects ranging from projects with 50 units to more than 500+ units and projects valued at more than $100 million. Mr. Cariuty holds a BS in Civil Engineering from the Universidad De Medellin College, in Medellin, Colombia.