The Robeson - 407 Lenox Ave

Harlem, New York



Lenox Avenue between West 130th and 131th Street, Harlem, New York


The Robeson, located at 407 Lenox Avenue, is a 10-story mixed use new construction project with 79 mixed-income units, 7,500 sf of ground floor commercial space, 500 sf of community facility space, and a new 2,000 sf church.  The site was an assemblage of privately and city-owned property that was rezoned from R7-2 with a C2-4 commercial overlay (4.00 FAR) to R8A with Mandatory Inclusionary Housing and a C2-4 commercial overlay (7.20 FAR) to transform an underutilized and partially vacant block along a very important corridor into much needed affordable housing.  The Robeson includes several in-unit and building-wide amenities, including high grade finishes and flooring, dishwashers, common outdoor space, and rooftop solar panels.

The Robeson was financed with a construction loan from TD Bank, HDC recycled bonds and subsidy, HPSD subsidy, Borough President Reso A funds and Developer Equity.  The Robeson utilizes HDC’s and HPD’s Mixed-Middle Program (M2), providing three tiers of affordability with rents affordable to households earning 50% of AMI, 80% of AMI and 130% of AMI.  The total development cost was $45MM and the project received temporary certificate of occupancy in Q4 of 2020.