The Lemor Development Group was established to manage the Acquisitions and Property Management division of the Lemor Realty Corporation. This division oversees the acquisition, rehabilitation and property management of vacant and underperforming properties. Formed by Lemor Realty Corporation President Kenneth Morrison and Acquisition Specialist Harrison Rayford in 2014.  Through the development of strategic partnerships and innovative financial analysis, Lemor Development Group continues to deliver on its promise to preserve and revitalize Upper Manhattan, focusing mostly on the village of Harlem.

Lemor Realty Corporation History

  • Lemor Realty Corporation is a New York State MWBE Certified Real Estate and Property Management firm with the resources and capabilities to acquire, develop and manage government and privately funded projects.
  • Leroy Morrison, the founder of Lemor Realty, began his real estate career in the mid-1960s focusing on the Washington Heights section of New York; meanwhile, he also held a full-time job for the New York Metropolitan Authority.  Eventually, he began building the Lemor Realty brand by purchasing property in the economically distressed neighborhood of Harlem New York-an area just south of the Washington Heights area.
  • By 1988, Mr. Morrison’s real estate portfolio had grown to include several properties throughout the Harlem and Washington Heights area.  His son, Kenneth Morrison, joined the company to develop the property management side of the business.
  • A partnership with the New York Department of Housing and Preservation, specifically its Neighborhood Entrepreneurship Program (NEP), awarded Lemor Realty 4 properties from 1995 – 2002.
  • In 2006, Lemor Realty had developed over 125 Residential Units in Central Harlem due to our partnership with the Third Party Transfer Program (TPT).
  • With over 750 units (Residential, Commercial, and Retail) and growing, Kenneth Morrison and Harrison Rayford started Lemor Development Group to continue and foster the growth.

Leveraging Professional Relationships

Given our over 40 years of combined experience, the Lemor executive team and staff have established several strong and long-lasting relationships with acquisition, government, debt, equity, development, and construction partners:

  • Our partnerships with the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
  • Our track record of successfully working with various city and state agencies on both public and private projects.
  • Our strong relationships with local subcontractors that enable Lemor to reduce costs and minimize construction duration, while producing a high-quality end product.