The Leroy – 225 West 140th St

Location Manhattan, NY
Scope Of Work Development

Project Detail

Development: The Leroy

Specs: A 7 story ground up residential building with 25 residential mixed income units. Property also will a fitness center, community room and a state of the art laundry facility.Zoned R7-2 with a lot area of 5,562 SF and a Total Gross Square Feet = 20,472 SF

Address: 225 West 140th Street between Fredick Douglas Boulevard DB and Adam Clayton Powell, Jr Boulevard in Central Harlem Manhattan.

Project Deadlines: The project is slated to begin construction in the second quarter of 2013 and will take approximately 22 months to complete.

Financing: The project will begin the ULURP process in by 1Q 2015

Total Development Cost: